Our mission is to improve the lives of women and girls in Los Angeles through educational opportunities.


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Request For Proposals

We narrow down potential grant partners from thirty to eight prospects, after which they are asked to complete our Request for Proposal for funding (RFP).

Site Visits

Once we receive a completed RFP, we schedule a site visit to each of the prospective grant partners. A site visit does not guarantee funds, but does signal that an organization has about a 50% chance at funding.

Grant Funds

We typically grant to four organizations per cycle. Organizations receive various amounts of funding based on our discretion. To date we have granted over $250,000.

Invest Funds

Under the advisement of financial professionals, we invest a small percentage of our funds with the goal of granting larger sums of money in the future.

Build an Event

Every other spring, the board hosts a 400+ person event at a venue in Los Angeles to benefit our cause. We manage all aspects of event planning, including marketing, logistics, and celebrity outreach.


The primary source of money raised is through ticket sales of our biennial event, online, and live auctions.

Assess Needs

In the fall after the fundraiser, we evaluate current local challenges and search for organizations to grant to with the aim of improving our community.